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"Family law" refers to all of the areas where the rights of individuals within a family may come into conflict. These emotionally charged situations often relate to the intertwining of individual and family financial obligations and support considerations.

You probably have a lot of questions about your pending divorce. Our attorneys have over 30 years of family law experience, and can quickly and accurately answer the questions you have about:

No one wants to think of the end of their marriage before it even begins, but premarital and post-marital agreements can save you thousands of dollars in legal fees down the road if your marriage does come to an end. We'll help you circumvent a messy divorce and protect the assets you've accumulated over your lifetime.


These agreements can also help protect your spouse-to-be, ensure that your children's emotional and financial needs are addressed, and we can prepare these documents along with your estate planning documents (i.e. Will or Power of Attorney) so they complement one another. Because many other family law attorneys only offer legal services within that realm of law, they're not able to guarantee that your wishes will be followed after your death or in the event of a divorce.

  • Your rights and obligations

  • Legal separation

  • Support and Alimony

  • Finances

  • No-fault divorces

  • Property settlement agreements

  • Mortgages, deeds, and living situations

  • Vehicles

We can quickly and easily determine what your child support will be in one meeting. All we'll need is the income information for you and your spouse (or children's other parent). Our attorneys can also address questions about medical insurance for your children.


We'll even break down the financial responsibilities of each parent (daycare, camps, braces, sports, music lessons, etc.) and how much you'll need to pay.


If you're entitled to alimony or spousal support, we'll let you know how much you can get and how long it will have to be paid.

Determining the custody of your children is the most important part of your divorce, and we'll do everything we can to create an arrangement that's in the best interest of your children. Often, we're able to craft an arrangement that allows you and your spouse to see your children on a regular basis that takes into consideration your children's preferences, their schedules, and your work schedule, as well as any child support.


If you and your spouse cannot agree on custody, we'll make your case in court, before the judge, as to what's in your children's best interest. Because we've practiced family law for over 30 years, we can tell what most custody masters and judges will do during a particular situation. This will give you a very good idea on how they'll rule, and whether or not going to court is worth your time.


If you feel that you must fight for your children because it's what's best for them, we will do just that. Our legal team will assist you in gathering information and documents that you'll need in court to show that you're the best choice for custody. We'll subpoena witnesses and documents, and if necessary, hire a custody evaluator or insist on drug / alcohol testing.


Our attorneys will also help you with co-parent counseling, anger management, supervised visitations, and mediate a custody schedule that you, your spouse, and your children will be comfortable with.

Property distribution can be confusing, and you probably have lots of questions about things like:

  • What you're entitled to

  • Debts

  • Custody

  • Retirement benefits and pension

  • The fair division of assets

  • Your house, equity, and mortgage

  • Self-employment and business

  • Investments

We can answer all of your questions, and because of our experience, we can tell you what is fair. We can even let you know what the distribution will be if the case goes to court because we're familiar with most of the judges in the area.

Have you been emotionally of physically abused by your domestic partner (i.e. spouse, boyfriend / girlfriend, parent, or child)? Are you being stalked? Have you been physically injured or held against your will? We may be able to help you secure a court order that prohibits such abuse, one that grants you sole possession of your home (evicting your abuser), and / or one that grants you temporary custody of your children without a court hearing.

Anne DeLuca and Jeffery Sherman at our law firm, handle Pennsylvania adoption matters. They will give you advice and information about pursuing child and adult adoptions.

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