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Agreeing to something you've worked out yourself with another party is always better than dealing with a long, drawn-out court battle. Whether you're divorcing your spouse or trying to agree on a custody arrangement, mediation, with the guidance of the attorneys at the Law Offices of Sand Gibbs LLP, can be beneficial to both you and the other party.

Let our attorneys use their 30+ years of experience to make your divorce or separation as simple as possible. We'll help you channel the emotions of this difficult time into productive communication agreements.


The mediation process will help you come to an agreement that you can both live with that is legally binding. We'll also help you process your divorce, arrange for the preparation of deeds, orders to divide retirement accounts, and any other necessary paperwork.


Our attorneys will help you address all of your concerns for a set fee:

Don't put your children through a custody battle. Our attorneys can help mediate an arrangement that's best for both you and your children. We will spend as much time as you need, for a set fee, to craft a custody schedule that everyone is comfortable with, so you can avoid the courtroom.

  • Health insurance

  • Life insurance changes

  • Property division

  • Selling your house or transferring it to one of you

  • Refinancing the mortgage

  • Paying off the car

  • Splitting up the retirement plans

  • Doing what's best for the children

  • Support

  • Alimony

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