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If you're a buyer looking to get a great deal on a foreclosure or soon-to-be-foreclosed property, in need of help with complicated financial arrangements or qualifying for a mortgage, or a seller looking to make the transaction go as smoothly as possible, we've got you covered.


Our experienced real estate attorneys can handle all of the functions of real estate agent or broker, and we can protect your rights and promote your interests from the very first day you spot the perfect property or decide to list your current one. We'll be there for you, even beyond the closing, to make sure the transaction goes as smoothly as possible.


We have all the necessary facilities, like a title company, to assist you with every part of the transaction:

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You probably don't realize it, but having an attorney on your side during a residential or commercial real estate transaction can make a world of difference. Whether you're buying, selling, or leasing, the legal team at Law Offices of Sand Gibbs LLP will stand by your side and protect your interests.


Are you currently involved in a real estate transaction, but it's not going very well? We can still help you. Our attorneys will carefully review your situation, taking into consideration Pennsylvania real estate laws, and provide you with advice and guidance to help you move forward. So if you're trying to get out of a real estate deal that no longer works for you or if you need help locking the other party into your transaction, we'll intervene on your behalf.


Our law firm can also help you lease a property. It doesn't matter if you're the lessor or lessee, we'll work hard to create lease terms, binding the other party to them, with a contract that promotes your best interests.



Residential zoning regulations could prevent you from adding on to your property or building on a property. Sometimes, special exceptions can be made, but how do you go about asking for one? We can answer all of your zoning-related questions, and we can represent you to ensure your construction project isn't stopped or stalled by inappropriately restrictive interpretations of zoning laws.


Commercial zoning is often more complicated than residential zoning, and that could lead to your business getting shut down or never even being able to be opened. We can help you navigate the obstacles of commercial zoning rules (like securing certificates of occupancy, permission to use a given property, etc.) to help you reach the destination you need to successfully operate your business.


Knowledgeable real estate law attorneys

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Buying or selling real estate

Leasing real estate

Residential and commercial zoning laws

  • Review any offers made by or to you

  • Help you complete a mortgage application

  • Provide you with legal support for mortgage issues

  • Prepare / review sale or purchase contracts and all other documentation

  • Escrow of funds

  • Closing

  • Any issue that arises during the transaction

Best of all, working with our team, as opposed to a real estate agent, could potentially SAVE you thousands of dollars because we will only charge you for the time we actually spend working on your behalf. Real estate agents and brokers charge a percentage of the overall sales price.